January 2010

Agile Joe

Adaptive Object Models research and implementation has been a passion of mine for a long time, so it was only natural that I build the domain based on this interest. The AOM site has evolved through the years, to its current iteration. I’m excited to begin blogging about Adaptive Object Model development, research, and implementation. I’ll be enlisting the help of many industry leaders in AOM development, design, and integration. You should be able to spot a few of the authors from my Meta-Friends page.

The AOM blog will be discussing all things related to the topic. This will include General news, AOM Applications, Patterns, Tutorials, and Events. We’ll add more topics as we continue.

I want to make this blog a community effort, so we’ll be introducing the ability for visitors to post their own thoughts and experiences with AOM related topics.

For now, you’ll have to grab our RSS feed to stay on top of the developments. Afterall, things may adapt and change.

Keep on Reflecting!