October 2010

Joe Yoder and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock

Recently I flew to Brazil to present a talk on AOMs at SugarLoaf PLoP. I did this talk/tutorial with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.  Afterward, I attended the CBSoft conference in Salvador Brazil to talk about Architecture, including the most predominate software architecture deployed to date; Big Balls of Mud.

This included looking at how Agile relates to Architecture.  Soon I will travel to Reno for PLoP collocated at SPLASH.  I am a co-author on a paper at PLoP called Adaptive Object-Model Metadata Evolver and will also present a tutorial with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock at SPLASH entitled: Rulemakers and Toolmakers: Adaptive Object Models as as Agile Division of Labor. We will be giving a more detailed version of the tutorial at QCon San Francisco which will include hands on experience

The conferences give me a chance to be around other AOM practitioners, meta junkies, and Agile enthusiasts like me. We discuss our projects, papers, and lives. This is how I envision AdaptiveObjectModel.com will be. I want to hear from you, AOM enthusiasts. I want you to write your AOM thoughts out in a blog post and either submit it to our website or ask me for a username and password so you can publish it yourself.

Let’s make AdaptiveObjectModel.com an adaptive, entertaining, meta-discussing, community.  Come and join in on the fun!