May 2011

I recently traveled to the SATURN 2011 conference in San Francisco. The Software Engineering Institute hosted the conference. Rebecca gave a talk entitled “Agile Adoption, Does It Have To Be All in Or Fold?

In her SATURN 2011 IEEE Software plenary talk, Rebecca Wirfs-Brock presented case studies of experience reports from the Agile Conference to illustrate various ways in which people perceive what it means to be Agile.

I also gave a Plenary talk entitled, “Big Ball of Mud: Is This the Best that Agile Can Do?

It’s a myth that Agile doesn’t support design–it’s ok to have good design. Good proven practices and patterns can help. Imitate or use proven quality techniques. You can escape from the spaghetti-code jungle. Have to commit to architecture. “SEI has done more for keeping mud out of our lives than Agile ever has.”