July 2011

As I finish this last day in South Korea, I’m reminded of the entire trip. It started a few months ago, with talks held in the balmy Florida heat. Today they’re fnished and I’m grateful to have been a part of such an exciting trip that took me literally halfway across the world to teach the principles that I support and have such passion for.

I traveled to South Korea on the Fourth of July. I went knowing that I would be teaching a TDD course to a talented group of developers. The TDD course was tailored to the medical domain. I have worked within the medical domain on several projects throughout the years. The course went well and a few surprises happened as well.

I got invited to a software architecture conference. I gave a keynote address at the conference. The entire talk was translated for the largely Korean speaking audience. The talk was using “Meta to Scale the Cloud.” The conference was called Korea Software Architecture Summit (KSAS).

It’s good to see the Agile movement taking root in South Korea. I met with the Seoul Agile Users Group and gave a talk on “Test Driven Development, Refactorinng, Patterns and Adaptive Object Models.” The enthusiasm was clearly visible at the conference. People were engaged. I look forward to making my way back to South Korea someday.