August 2012

Just last Saturday, I returned from Dallas, Texas. Today, I leave for Penang, Malaysia! I was in Dallas attending Agile2012. While at the conference, I hosted a workshop with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on the subject of Testing System Qualities. During the workshop, we showed how to write Quality Scenarios that emphasize architecture capabilities such as usability, security, performance, scalability, internationalization, availability, accessibility and the like.

We also collaborated on a lecture entitled Pragmatic, Not Dogmatic TDD: Rethinking How We Test. During the presentation, we challenged the “norm” for TDD. While we agree that testing should be an integral part of your daily programming practice, we believe that you don’t always need to derive your code via many test-code-revise-retest cycles to be test-driven.

I had great time at the conference and especially enjoyed meeting up with friends like Linda Rising and Jutta Eckstein.

Next on the agenda is a trip to Penang, Malaysia.  I am excited to be making my first trip to Malaysia.  The purpose of my trip is to teach a course on Pragmatic Test Driven Development.  While there, I will be visiting with a friend and taking the time to do a bit of site seeing.