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Taking it to ScrumPLoP

scrum001ScrumPLoP is happening on May 24th and yours truly will be heading to Denmark to attend. Now this isn’t the first ScrumPLoP. There’s actually been five others before it. I’ve never had the chance to attend, but made an effort to get out there this year.

I’m equally excited because I’ll be hanging with Ademar, Neil Harrison, Harada Kiro, and Jim Coplien. I’m flying out today and expect the trip to be great. I haven’t been in Denmark since the JAOO conference several years ago.

I’m looking forward to scrumming the scrum, learning some new things, and hanging with some good people. I’ll likely upload some new photos throughout the event, so if you follow me on social media, be sure to check those out. If you’re attending #ScrumPLoP2014 stop me and say hey.