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Going to 4th AsianPLoP Conference

I’m once again returning to Japan and looking forward to seeing my friends and colleagues there.

I’ll be arriving in Tokyo on the March 4th. I’ll take in the sites before working with Hironori Washizaki Research Group on Software Modeling Patterns and Evalution Software Models including Refactoring.  I may also meet with an agile group while there. My main reason for the trip besides collaborating with Hiro will be to attend AsianPLoP 2015: 4th Asian Conference on Pattern Languages of Programs which runs from March 5-7.

At AsianPLoP, I will be hosting a workshop about Shepherding and also I will be presenting a focus Group with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock on Processes for Making Lively Things which is related to Alexander’s Nature of Order., In addition to the workshop, I’ll be presenting a paper called “Patterns for Initial Architectural Design on Agile Projects”, with Eduardo Guerra and Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

I’m staying until March 14th where I will be collaborating with Takashi Iba at COINs 15. I’m also meeting and collaborating with a good friend Yasunobu Kawaguchi about Agile and more. I plan on giving a talk at Rakuten while there.

I look forward to arriving in Japan and seeing the beautiful country once again. If you will be in the area or at the conference, get in touch!