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More Conferences and Adaptive Object Model Open Source Examples

I’ve recently returned from SPLASH 2010 and QCon 2010 held in San Francisco. Both conferences rewarded me with the opportunity to meet and greet plenty of AOM supporters. I was fortunate enough to host a tutorial named: Rulemakers and Toolmakers: Adaptive Object Models as Agile Division of Labor with Rebecca Wirfs-Brock.

Adaptive Object Model Tutorial Description

The tutorial explores the AOM Architecture along with an Agile development process for developing them. At the outset, we encourage our clients to bombard us with feature requests. They rain down the ideas onto the development team, overwhelming them. It’s creates what we refer to as “featureitis”. In order to deal with featureitis, we develop a more adaptable system thus allowing the user to make controlled changes like which features they want to use and the evolution of the rules along with the products and services they need. The AOM architecture results in a very Adaptable system that can ultimately help the organization be very Agile.

Open Source Adaptive Object Model Examples

We plan to have some papers and open source implementations on AOMs updated on the site. We currently offer a few AOM examples, but will be expanding in the near future. If you have any AOM examples you have available online, we would be happy to link out to them.

We are very interested in the AOM examples you have implemented with your work. Further discussion in the comment section of this post.

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